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Valve Solution
  • By participating in many domestic projects in the field of power generation, oil refining and petrochemicals, we have experience in successful construction and excellent technical skills, and we prepare overseas projects based on our own.
  • With abundant experience in plant projects in various fields and advanced engineering skills, the company has faithfully performed its role in domestic plant development, and is widely recognized for its excellence in the technology.
  • Major business areas - power generation plant, refinery plant, petrochemical plant, industrial plant
Special Valve Fabrication
  • It has developed and supplied industrial special valves and projects with the best responsiveness to various industrial sites, and has excellent technical skills, and has been supplied customized considering the environment of each industry as a top priority.
  • In particular, Technological competitiveness in division, confidentiality, wear-out, high-temperature pressure, etc. exceeds the best in Korea and aims to become a global standard.
  • Major business areas - Particle line, pulp line, critical pressure steam line, special gas line

Valve and control equipment maintenance
  • The company operates a business unit consisting of experts who can provide maintenance services for power generation plants, oil refining and petrochemicals. It is a maintenance company that seeks customer satisfaction with the best service with quality and safety.
  • We have the best competitiveness in maintenance field based on accumulated know-how, extensive maintenance experience and technology, and excellent construction ability.
  • Major business areas - Maintenance work, routine maintenance work, Overhaul, facility improvement
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  • WEIR LV-415
  • CCI LV-218A
  • Fisher FV-208
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  • CEO

    Cho Yoon-sook
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    (Korean Ceramic Startup Center, Chungmugong-dong), Room 206, 109, Soho-ro, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
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    Room 303-15, 301-dong, Ssangyong Technopark III, 397, Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
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