3D Scanning

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3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Added the 3D business shape modeling system for mid- and
large-size facilities, using 3D scanner

  • Stage 13D scanning on turbine surface
  • Stage 23D design of thermal insulation
    materials according to temperature
  • Stage 33D design drawing
  • Stage 4BOM management
  • Stage 5Drawing management
  • Stage 6Smart drawing management
Data construction and reuse by each part of large facilities
Bearing Front Compressore Front Compressor Rear Combustion Turbine Exhaust Diffusor
Turbine Temp[℃] 50℃ 120℃ 310℃ 450℃ 450℃ 640℃
Insu. Thickness[mm] 100mm 100mm 160mm 200mm 180mm 270mm
Insu. Temp.[℃] Below 40℃ Below 40℃ Below 50℃ Below 50℃ Below 50℃ Below 60℃
Insu. Material Silicon coated rug
Ceramic fiber
Silica rug
SUS Mash rug

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    Cho Yoon-sook
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